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Fort Washington Way Wayfinding System


Fort Washington Way is a critical half-mile strip that links the Cincinnati riverfront district to downtown by extending the street grid over the highway. To create a well-designed, timeless, yet urban wayfinding system at Fort Washington Way, Kolar Design took cues from nearby architecture, including Paul Brown Stadium and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and from the major geographic feature, the Ohio River.


Kolar's design process included feedback and insights from local citizens. Community engagement initiatives, public meetings, and facilitation with key stakeholders were integral to the development of this wayfinding system.


Designed to work on two levels (pedestrian and vehicular), the urban wayfinding system includes gateway signs, street identification, sign blades, pedestrian map kiosks with highlighted attractions, and both vehicular and pedestrian directional signage. In additional to new signage features, signage was also integrated into pre-existing traffic control structures. Greens and blues reflect the proximity to water, while materials such as dimensional stainless steel letters lend durability and elegance to the streetscape.


Kolar also worked with the City of Cincinnati to extend the wayfinding system into the city's Uptown area, which is an extension of the Central Business District. The Uptown signage system included more than 120 signs.