MainStreet District

Cincinnati, Ohio | University of Cincinnati | MainStreet District

the challenge

With more than 42,000 students, the University of Cincinnati (UC) needed to create a pedestrian-friendly place on campus to support social activities among students such as meal times, study sessions, and entertainment activities. The space needed to serve as the “heart of student life district” on UC’s campus. 

the solution

Through the use of unique spaces and buildings, Kolar worked with UC to develop the MainStreet District. The District welcomes visitors and students with appropriate scale, texture, color, and identity. The placemaking for MainStreet uses landmarks, paths, and wayfinding elements in the landscape to create the experience. Each element considers the placement of building mass in relation to the pedestrian street, creating a sunlight-filled space for people to sit, see, and be seen.

“Once students have decided that a university has the program they’re interested in, they make their decision to choose one university over another within the first fifteen minutes of visiting the campus. The first impression is a lasting one that creates a sense of place.”

Mr. Ron Kull, FAIA, Former Associate Vice President and University Architect

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