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Bon Secours Mercy Health is a healthcare provider in the Cincinnati region, operating hospitals, care sites, and clinics that offer high-quality care and improving outcomes for their patients, residents, and clients. 


When the Bon Secours Mercy Health team embarked on building a 156,900 sq ft new construction project care space, they needed to ensure their design made an impact that successfully guided patients and guests throughout the campus. Part of the project vision was incorporating strategic wayfinding and design throughout the space, including interior and exterior signage, regulatory signage, and an interior identification system that reflected the Bon Secours Mercy Health brand. 

Bon Secours Mercy Health teamed with Kolar to further their  mission to improve health and well-being with an impactful wayfinding and signage system. Assembling a strong interdisciplinary team with extensive healthcare experience, Kolar re-defined a comprehensive exterior and interior wayfinding strategy throughout the Kings Mill Hospital. The build required close collaboration and planning with project architects, civil engineers, and the Bon Secours Mercy Health team, to deliver a solution that met the goals of each key stakeholder. The result conveyed the organization’s focus on compassionate care, advocacy, respect, and a high standard of service through thoughtful and effective designs.

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