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The impact that a university makes lasts a lifetime – for students, alumni, donors, and the communities they’re in. Campus branding should inspire and excite student life and foster a learning environment where students can thrive. Kolar has in-depth experience transforming academic spaces, from visitor wayfinding plans to research centers and campus entertainment. Our team is dedicated to telling the story of the institution and create a strong feeling of pride and community. Transform the academic experience with Kolar.

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MainStreet District

Location Cincinnati, Ohio    Markets Academic     Services Architecture + Design Location Cincinnati, Ohio Markets Academic Services Architecture + Design MainStreet District With…

Washington University

Washington University St. Louis, Missouri | Washington University | Jubel Hall the challenge Jubel Hall at Washington University in St.…

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Carnegie Mellon University | Highway to Hallway the challenge Carnegie Mellon University desired a…

Workplace Optimization: Bridging the Gap in Between CFOs, Revenue Officers, and HR Leaders