Dear clients, partners and friends:

The + is the simplest of all mathematical equations, but, to us, the most meaningful, because it represents the essence of our firm:

More than a value. More than the expected result.

What is that extra something that adds so much value to each and every one of our projects? One word: Brand.

We don’t just understand them, we don’t just communicate them – we build them so they can be experienced, physically and digitally adding meaning and value to people’s lives – and our clients’ healing environments.

ralok is focusing on healthcare for the remainder of 2016 to share how we create transformative healthcare environments and experiences at the intersection of people + place. 

We believe that branded experiences make a difference in the healing environments and give patients a meaningful, memorable and measurable outcome. It’s a unique practice, but over 20 years, we have perfected our process with a specialized team of inter+disciplinary people from across the globe. There are many parts to our incredible organization, and each of those parts is special. But it’s the sum of the parts that makes the whole, and the whole is the value that Kolar brings to each and every project.

We build brand understanding through our “customer insight + metrics” work to support patients and their families throughout their journey. We give patients and staff a more meaningful and enriching experience throughout the facilities as we celebrate pride of place, and build a strong narrative around the mission, vision and values of the organization.   

We are excited to share some of our behind-the-scenes work with our key partners, clients and stakeholders on the intricate practice of creating healing environments.   


Workplace Optimization: Bridging the Gap in Between CFOs, Revenue Officers, and HR Leaders