making the most of your space with interiors that enlighten and engage.

We don’t just understand brands, we don’t just communicate them – we BUILD them so they can be experienced, physically and digitally, adding meaning and value to people’s lives, clients’ businesses, communities, and regions.

We understand the importance of every brand touchpoint and communication in the built environment in order to create a best in class experience. At Kolar we have studied these touchpoints throughout the employee journey in order to craft experiences that enable the new way of working for your workspace. 

our approach

Integrated Design Approach


We believe in a holistic design approach that involves an interdisciplinary look at solving the challenge at hand. We  seek to minimize the cost of investment by maximizing the functionality of all aspects of the design within a project. We have licensed architects and interior design expertise in-house and can quickly integrate your needs.

BRAND is our Differentiator


One of our key differentiators, is that we don’t just know how to develop brands, we know how to build them-from the inside out. Setting the course for your company rooted in your values and vision for the future. Our branding  process is engaging, and integrates  into  the design of your future.

Culture Change Management


We don’t just design it, we support you along the way – aligning with your business strategy. This can create a future-ready workforce and drive your business forward with us as your partner. Our engagement process helps our clients empower their workforce and energize productivity.

“It’s time to build your unique story and create a distinctive positioning at the intersection of people+place”

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