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Kolar’s research & publishing lab, Kolar Experience Institute™ (KEI) is a research and insights institute focused on exploring the intersection of people, process, and place in pursuit of finding solutions that create a positive impact for our clients and communities. We believe that measuring the impact of space is a critical component to organizational success. Through our discovery process, we are able to provide businesses with the tools, technology and training needed to shape the future of workplace strategy and drive better results. The institute is an expansion of Kolar Design that accesses the thought leadership of researchers, design thinkers, architects, designers and business leaders with the singular focus of developing a deeper understanding of the connections between human experiences and business.

our approach


How well is the brand expression throughout the space?


How well does the space meet individual needs, wants, and expectations?


How well does the space support the operation of the organization?


How well does the space support staff and client experience?

"Our vision at Kolar Design is to be the most globally trusted partner in adding soul to space, and the work we are doing in the communities through KEI is an opportunity to provide tools, training, technology and insight to everyone."
Kelly Kolar
Founder | Kolar Design

Workplace Optimization: Bridging the Gap in Between CFOs, Revenue Officers, and HR Leaders