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The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio


It’s been obvious to me over the past 30 years that Ohio State is the most important institution in this community. The breadth of all the things the university does touches almost all parts of human endeavor.


Les Wexner

Chairman and CEO of L Brands
Chairman of the Ohio State University Board of Trustees


The Ohio State University recently implemented a "Highway to Hallway" visitor strategy. The comprehensive signage and wayfinding plan is designed to enhance the visitor experience for the Big Ten campus.


Three Key principles guided the approach:.


  • Create - A modular, affordable and maintainable system.
  • Connect - The "communi-versity " through a dynamic wayfinding experience by simplifying the campus to 3 main districts. (medical, athletic and academic). It now connects to a regional city-wide system and fits into the fabric of the city.
  • Enhance - The new Ohio State University brand three-dimensionally, digitally, and through all communication for all stakeholders campus-wide.


The Ohio State brand of scarlet and gray amplified bold colors and legible typography to ease navigation off of the highway and on to the hallways of the institution. In addition, we established a comprehensive parking system to showcase the public parking for everyday visitors and game-day visitors.


The strategic masterplan was implemented through design-build partnerships along with internal fabrication to maximize budget dollars, leverage partners (ODOT, City of Columbus, etc.), and drive an overnight visible impact.


Implementation included the district wayfinding plans, Guidelines + digital tool ordering system, and a comprehensive public, faculty and staff parking system.