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Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village


Located in the heart of the University of Cincinnati (UC), a public research university with more than 42,000 students, the Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village creates a memorable experience for potential recruits and game day visitors and provides everyday access for students.


During the ambitious three-year project, a multidisciplinary team of architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and environmental graphic designers collaborated to create an exciting "district" for athletics on campus. The Village provided new and upgraded facilities for nearly every sport, including the Marge Schott Baseball Stadium, Gettler Soccer/Track Stadium, UC Tennis Center, and the Athletic Center.


Inspired by competition, the photography, field graphic elements, and the black and red Cincinnati Bearcat paw graphic visually communicate UC's home territory. The graphics create a sense of character on campus, whether it is for game day or everyday audiences. Elements such as exterior building and venue identification, banners, murals, and exterior storytelling capture the Bearcat spirit.


The bold, colorful, and exciting district identity is woven throughout signage, supergraphics, map directional kiosks, and individual sport pylons. All of the elements combine into an outdoor museum, which visually connects all of the sports to the overarching UC brand.