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The way we design spaces around our cities and towns is what makes communities stand out. A good civic design brings people together, encourages interaction, and expresses the local soul. At Kolar, we understand this importance and aim to create designs that leave a lasting impression on visitors. We work with multidisciplinary teams through all phases - from initial brainstorming to final touches - to bring civic projects to life in communities across the nation. Learn more about how Kolar can transform the place you call home.

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Bridge Park

Bridge park The City of Dublin wanted to create a destination that facilitates connections and creates,  enhances, and preserves a well-loved…

Village of Evendale

Village of Evendale The Village of Evendale is a manufacturing powerhouse in the Greater Cincinnati region and is home to…


madisonville Cincinnati, Ohio the challenge Madisonville is a Cincinnati neighborhood rooted in the American Dream. For the past 200 years,…

International Friendship Park

International Friendship Park Cincinnati, Ohio | Cincinnati Parks | Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park the challenge  Cincinnati Parks envisioned…

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